AAMI Compatible Directly ECG Cable AHA Snap

AAMI Compatible Directly ECG Cable AHA Snap

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AAMI Compatible Directly ECG Cable AHA Snap

Compatible Models No.: AAMI 

"(AIR) :HRRM-71-1/2,Porta-Fib I,II,III, System5(new),System6(Neonatal)" 

(ALT) :800,800Plus,CX ATL Ultrasound "CX200,CX400,Apogee,HDI 9/2000 Interspec Cardiology XL" Mark IV,Mark Vii ,Ultramark 4/5/7/9 "

(BCI) :3101,3404,6100,6200, 9100,9200,Advisor ,Autocorr" 

(COLIN) :BP308, BP408, CBM3000 (CSI) :504US,602-4USP,Poet2,Scholar "

(GMS) :Corometrics 556 Critikon 8100T/Dinamap 8700/9700" (IVY) :101 (before 1989),402, 700 (LSI) :LS5 , 261 (MDE) :Escort 100, 101,102,200, 300 Prism, 360SL, 450SL,521A PortaPak 80,PortaPak 90/1000 "

(MPC) : Lifepak 6 Life Pak 9Life Pak 9B VSM-1ESF (w/resistors)" 

(NELLCOR) :N-200/250 C-LOCK N-1000,NPB-3900,NPB-4000 / 3LD PEA002A PEA002B PEA002C PEA002D TPU 5LD PEA002E PEA002F PEA002G PEA002H 1KΩ 3LD PEA003A PEA003B PEA003C PEA003D TPU 5LD PEA003E PEA003F PEA003G PEA003H / 3LD PEA020A PEA020B PEA020C PEA020D TPU 5LD PEA020E PEA020F PEA020G PEA020H 1KΩ 3LD PEA021A PEA021B PEA021C PEA021D TPU 5LD PEA021E PEA021F PEA021G PEA021H (NK) :BSM-8301A/8302A/8500A/8502A OEC-6102A (s/n>20156)/7102A/8108A OEC-6105A (s/n>20226), TEC-7100A,TEC-5200A(s/n>20421),TEC-7200A/7300A; 

(PACE-TECH) :Minipack 300,Minipack 3000/3100,MiniMax4000CL,Vitalmax 800 Plus/2100/2200/4000/4100, Vitalmax/4000CL/4000 Modular/4100CL 

(PMS) :M3921A A1,M3923A A1 M3925AA1,M3927AA3,M3928A3M3929AA3 "PIONEER (American Optical):26125 33167, 5260 , 5330 , Pulsar 4" 

PPG (Datamedix, Becton-Dickinson) Guardian 1001/N1001 

(BURDICK) :Medic3/4/5/4045Defib,"500/600/900 Series (w/o respiration) 90300/90400/90600/90700 Series TEK-208/408/511/512/514/521" 

PC Bedside , PCMS (Vitatek) :4045Defib/208/400/500Series "(Protocol) :Propaq100/200Series,Atlas Propaq Encore, Propaq CS,Ultra Smart" 

(ZOLL) :D900, PD1200, PD1400 UT4000A, UT4000A, UT4000Apro,UT6000A, UT4000B, UT4000C, UT4000F, UT6000F, UT4000Fpro, UT4800

Technical Specifications:


Cable colorGray
Cable materialTPU Jacket
Instrument ConnectorRound 6-pin
Patient end terminalsnaps
Cable Leads3 leads
Trunk Cable Length2.7m
Lead Cable length0.9m



Compatible Models No.

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