Nihon Kohden Medical Batteries For Defibrillator

Nihon Kohden Medical Batteries For Defibrillator

Compatible:Nihon kohden NKB-301V TEC-5500 5521 5531 5600 7600 For Defibrillator

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Product Details

Nihon kohden medical batteries for defibrillator

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name:  Nihon Kohden

Certification: CE

Model Number: HRX 23/43

Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs

Price: as discussed

Delivery Time: 1-3 work days

Supply Ability: 600pcs / week

Technical Specifications:

Product nameMedical Rechargeable Battery
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Brand NamePray-med
Nominal Capacity3000mAh
Nominal Voltage12V
ApplicationNIHON KOHDEN: CardioFax M

TEC-5500, TEC-5521, TEC-5521C, TEC-5521E,

TEC-5521K, TEC-5531, TEC-5531C, TEC-5531E,

TEC-5531K, TEC-5600, TEC-5601, TEC-5621,

TEC-5631, TEC-7600, TEC-7621, TEC-7631,

TEC-7621C, TEC-7621E, TEC-7621K, TEC-7631C,

TEC-7631E, TEC-7631K, TEC-7641, TEC-7651,

TEC-7700, TEC-7721, TEC-7731, TEC-7721C,

TEC-7721E, TEC-7721K, TEE-7731C, TEC-7731E,

TEC-7731K, TEC-7741, TEC-7751, ECG-1350,

ECG-1350A, ECG-1350C, ECG-1350P, ECG-2350,

ECG-2340, ECG-2320

PackageIndividual box


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