9pin Masimo Reusable Adult Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor

9pin Masimo Reusable Adult Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor

9pin Masimo reusable adult finger clip spo2 sensor Technical Parameters C o mpatibility: Intended Use: SpO2 sensor is suitable for adult patient (weight >40kg) and Pediatric>10-40KG to conduct a spot check or continuous noninvasive measurement of arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate....

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9pin Masimo reusable adult finger clip spo2 sensor

Technical Parameters

Emitting light waven length


Absorbed light wavelength

905±5nm or 940±5nm

SpO2 testing range



SpO2 testing precision

±1% in 90%~100%

table                                              ±2% in 80%~89%

±3% in 70%~79%

Testing range of pulse velocity



Testing precision of pulse velocity




Environment temperature


Relative humidity


Atmospheric pressure







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Intended Use: 

SpO2 sensor is suitable for adult patient (weight >40kg) and Pediatric>10-40KG to conduct a spot check or continuous noninvasive measurement of arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate. 

9pin Masimo reusable adult finger clip spo2 sensor9pin Masimo reusable adult finger clip spo2 sensor

Features: (Reusable or disposable SPO2 SENSOR)

1,High accuracy at critical spo2 levels

2,High quality shielded cable

3,Available for patient of all Sizes (adult, pediatric, infant, neonatal, animal)

4,Variety of finger, earlobe, nose, forehead and tongue sensors for various monitoring applications.

5,Compatible with almost any brands, such as NELLCOR, BCI, PHILIPS, SIMENS, MASIMO etc. Or on your request

6,Easy application for clinicians or patients

7,Competitive price with effective performance and warranty


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