China's First Start Building The Database Radiological Medical Standards Established AI

- Oct 13, 2020-

Artificial Intelligence (AI) application scenarios in the medical field are mainly medical imaging, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent guiding patients, case analysis, hospital management, drug development, and medical robots, the new crown pneumonia epidemic also further promote and validate the artificial intelligence in the medical field value, and where the application of the most widely used medical imaging AI.

At the 2nd Medical Imaging AI Conference held a few days ago, the medical image database radiological image database construction project was officially launched. After completion, it will become the first standardized medical imaging database in China. The construction of the database is one of the elements of the artificial intelligence construction of medical imaging. Shanghai Changzheng Hospital Medical Imaging department director, Chinese Medical Society of Radiology Professor of chairman-designate Liu Shiyuan introduction, this construction project will form the basis of more than 10 high-quality organ or disease, multitasking, scalable, digging a large sample standard database to support the landing of artificial intelligence research, modeling, training, testing and applications.

AI is the essence of a tool to solve practical problems by using advanced technology. AI medical imaging to assist doctors make the correct clinical diagnosis, reduce the probability of misdiagnosis. AI Medical Imaging next phase of development is to improve the data analysis on the basis of the database, so the data networking really open up. From the point of view of clinical use, AI medical imaging industry interdisciplinary blend the characteristics of obvious need to strengthen collaboration between industry and promote the development of AI Medical Imaging lasting health.

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