Our Effort To Combat COVID19

- Aug 12, 2020-

       Our Effort to combat COVID-19

        As COVID-19 is casting a dark shadow over people’s health, healthcare providers around the world are fighting relentlessly against the virus. We salute all medical staff for their valiant efforts to save patients’ lives and battle the outbreak. As China’s leading medical devices and solutions provider, we have been the main force ever since the epidemic broke out, working around the clock to support healthcare professionals. Now that the virus is spreading around the world, we are connecting international medical experts and providing precise treatment for patients with advanced products and services, as well as valuable medical insights. 

       We are doing our best to ramp up manufacturing capacity. Our medical products, including patient monitors, ventilators and ultrasound accessories, are crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients. Facing a soaring demand from healthcare providers around the world, we have been cooperating with governments and suppliers to mitigate shortages and safeguard the production line. Our employees at the manufacturing center cancelled official holidays and thanks to their hard work, we have multiplied manufacturing capacity. While striving to maintain business continuity, we have also taken strict sanitation steps to ensure the safety of our products during the whole manufacturing process. 

       We cherish our employees’ health. Our success is based on their professionalism, efficiency and responsibility at work. To protect our employees across the globe, we have restricted business travels and arranged online conferences instead. We have asked regional offices to follow local health authorities’ guidelines and initiate work-from-home protocol. As the virus spread is slowing in China , we have increased sterilization and cleaning measures of office facilities, offered surgical masks at the workplace, practiced social distancing and monitored our employee’s health by temperature screening on a daily basis. We will further implement these hygiene measures in regional offices and provide a safe working environment for all our employees. Thanks to our strict protection guideline, we are very proud to announce that none of our field service employees were infected. 

       In a time when the mission to save lives is more important than ever, we are doing all we can to bring healthcare within reach. TWe will keep protecting our employees’ health and safety, standing with healthcare providers and giving better care to patients around the globe. Together, we will bring the pandemic under control.

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