PN-2000FC850 Respiratory Humidifier

- Dec 03, 2020-

PIGEON Respiratory Humidifier is designed to deliver optimal humidity for those patients who require mechanical ventilation or pressure breathing systems where the gas flow remains at constant level.


Servo-control humidifier Specifications:

Supply Frequency50/60 Hz
Supply Voltage
220V/ 110V
Heater Plate
Heater Wire
22V-, 2.73A, 60W, 50/60Hz
Heater Plate Over-Temperature Cutout90±6℃
Temperature Control Settings
Invasive Mode
Chamber outlet:35.5-37℃, Airway: 35-40℃
Noninvasive ModeChamber outlet:31℃, Airway: 28-34℃
Three digit, 0.56 inch, 7 segment LED
Range10-70℃, Accuracy: ±0.3℃ (in 25-45 Temperature Range)
High Humidity Alarm

An immediate, audible alarm at a displayed temperature of 41℃ or if the airway temperature exceeds 43℃

Low Humidity Alarm

An audible alarm between 15 minutes @29.5℃, and 60 minutes @34.5℃(Invasive Mode only)

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