Use Of Disposable Blood Oxygen Probe

- Jul 14, 2018-

Use of disposable blood oxygen probe

The disposable blood oxygen probe is an electronic equipment accessory for critically ill patients, newborns, children, etc. in the general anesthesia of clinical surgery and daily pathological treatment.


First, the common problems in the use of repetitive oximetry probes

Although the oximeter is easy to use, there are some common problems when using it.

*Light interference

Sometimes an external light source can cause erroneous readings

*Man-made sports

Some people exercise can cause abnormal pulse and affect the accuracy of monitoring.

*Insufficient blood flow

Blood pressure cuff, tight clothing or inhibition will block blood flow and affect monitoring accuracy


Second, the blood oxygen probe is compatible with the clinical instrument mechanism

Tianjian Science and Trade Co., Ltd. provides the adapter wire for the blood oxygen probe to be compatible with all the different brands of clinical instruments. In clinical monitoring, it reduces the incompatibility between the blood oxygen probe and the brand blood oxygenation instrument, and the monitoring data is inaccurate.


Third, the blood oxygen saturation probe clinical application

Because the oxygen saturation probe provides continuous monitoring and is non-invasive, it is helpful in some clinical settings.

1. Surgery and post-anesthesia care unit

2, neonatal care and neonatal intensive care unit

The oxygen level obtained immediately on the right hand when the baby is born is a good guide to the normal health of the baby.

3, first aid


Fourth, the clinical application of disposable and repetitive oximetry probes

1. The “repetitive” probe is reused between patients. The probe can not be disinfected with anti-virus solution, and can not be sterilized by high temperature, which is easy to cause cross-infection of patients. A disposable probe prevents infection.

2, the adhesive disposable blood oxygen probe does not contain latex, using a special design of soft sponge and Velcro, this material is comfortable, safe, long-term use can prevent skin allergies.

3. Disposable probes can provide various medical grade adhesive tapes according to different pathological needs of patients, which is convenient for clinical monitoring.

4, disposable probes can be selected according to different types of different types of patients, the measured values are more accurate.

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